Jasmin, tell us a bit about yourself?
I love what I do everyday. Thrive off adrenalin and trying new things.
Love surfing-great start to any day.
Love a laugh
Love my amazing friends
Grew up with horses now ride a sports bike.
Love a challenge and being creative.

What got you into design?
I love to draw and have always had a crazy imagination. Endless ideas.
I remember making a tshirt for my year 2 teacher – “she said she’d keep it to have for when Im famous ha har.
I studied 3 years full time and by the age of 19 had achieved my certificate and diploma in graphic design and was straight into the industry. By the age of 22 I started the business, back in 2002 and have never looked back.
CRE8withJAZ continues to grow still to this day, creating interesting concepts daily. It’s more than just running a business, its a passion, a drive to do something I love everyday for others!

Strongest Creative talent?
My unique ideas and eye for detail. Ability to create concepts from scratch and I love liasing one on one with clients to achieve the final outcome.

Favourite project you’ve work on so far?
Hmmm I’d have to say Sydney’s Mardi Gras float we created in 2012. Followed by working with NSW TRAINS on the biggest events Sydney has to offer throughout the year. Every large event covered from the SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW, FORMULA 1 to the MELBOURNE CUP.

Hobbies: What you do out of work?
Surf as much as I can, yoga and love hang time at my favourite spot on the wall with friends. Oh and skating to work along the beachfront with Roxy by my side.

What do you love?
Everyday (that pretty much sums it up)

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
Breathing ha harrr

Where do you want to go next?
Surf trip to the Maldives

Something random you’ve done?
Aerial silk performance live in front of 500 people.
Oh and recently went on a photoshoot hands on, up close and personal with Great White Sharks for our client ‘MISS ADVENTURE’/CHANNEL 10.

Sum up a day in the creative design Studio?
Everyday is totally different. It’s exciting to meet & welcome new clients.
Fast paced, deadline driven, got to love it, it’s what keeps us going. Great team, couldn’t do it without you. We produce up to 30-50 jobs every month. Girl power. Yesterday we signed a ute and 2 boats plus 3 large shirt orders printed. Action packed, all that in one day!

Where are you sitting right now?
On the ferry in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Chill time to write this before taking on my next adventure.

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