LEANNE, share with us a bit about yourself?
I am an enthusiastic adventurous person who loves exploring new ideas and challenges.  I am very outgoing and active. I love the outdoors and am constantly inspired to try new things from my surroundings. I have a quirky side that enjoys superhero comics and movies. I own a huge collection of superhero toys and trolls.

What got you into design?
I love to draw and a friend of mine is a graphic designer who told me i should be a designer so i gave it a go and absolutely love it.

What’s your strongest design point/talent

Favourite project you’ve work on so far?
Designing skateboard decks

Hobbies? What you do out of work
I love to draw, skate, wake skate, snowboard any sport that involve a board

What do you love?
I love snowboarding and wake skating and eating Japanese food

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
Skateboard ramp

Where do you want to go next?
Canada for snowboarding

Something random you’ve done?
I have eaten beef tongue.  It was random for me. I have also been towed on the beach behind a 4WD on an old snowboard.

Sum up a day in the creative design Studio?
Well every day is so different…. on an average day i heat press designs on shirts, talk to clients and help with the printing process of many jobs.

Where are you sitting right now.
Right now,  i am at TAFE  with two weeks left of finishing my advanced diploma in graphic design. YAY!

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