Roxy, tell us a bit about yourself?
Im a cute hairy schnauzer, loved by many.

What got you into design?
I had no choice really as I go to work with Jasmin everyday and when Im not sleeping under the desk get to see what they get up to. They’re always running around.
Guess you could say my support got me into it, cuddly nature or just jasmin in general!

Whats your strongest design point/talent
Woof, dreaming.

Favourite project you’ve work on so far?
I was there when the FROTH WAX UTE graphics got applied, Guess you could say I played a part overseeing things from a different angle.

Hobbies? What you do out of work
Caught some waves on the Stand up paddle board on the weekend.
Just love hanging out, meeting new folk, particularly schnauzers and rocking out at Cafes.

What do you love?

Whats one thing you couldn’t live without?

Where do you want to go next?
Home to sleep, Jasmin’s still working.

Something random you’ve done?
Ridden a scooter and the handle bars of a bike, look no hands.

Sum up a day in the creative design Studio?
I get treats from Cath, she’s awesome
I get pats from new people, but not sure what goes on when I’m asleep.
Long days, Jasmin works too long most days. The cruise to and from work is awesome though and I love being by her side.

Where are you sitting right now.
Laying actually, under the desk.

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