TARA, tell us a bit about yourself?
After finishing high school in 2011, the following year I studied at Nepean College, competing my diploma and advanced diploma of graphic design In June of 2013 thereafter I did freelance work for 3 months before joining cre8withjaz.

What got you into design?
I have always had a love for art and drawing and after a year of doing visual design In high school I found I enjoyed working with design on computer which prompted me to do graphic design after I left school.

Strongest Creative talent?
I can’t say I have a strong point, I like to think that I’m constantly learning and evolving my design skills in order to be the best designer I can possibly be

Favourite project you’ve work on so far?
Working on designs for NSW trains, and putting together their event poster. Being an organised and structured person I enjoy designing to their strict guidelines working with their overall brand and creating designs to their specifics.

Hobbies: What you do out of work?
Outside of work I enjoy drawing, participating in all types of fitness activities, playing tennis and the occasional travelling having the opportunity to see countries like South Africa, Mauritius, New Zealand, Tahiti, America and Fiji

What do you love?
I love waking up every morning knowing that I’m doing what I love to do and enjoying every moment of it.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
Family is the most important thing to me and I couldn’t imagine living a day without them.

Something random you’ve done?
Climbed to the top of the Empire State Building.

Sum up a day in the creative design Studio?
The day starts off with a run down of all the work that needs to be completed in order to meet deadlines, wether it be designing and artwork proofing, setting up files for print or applying t-shirts

Where are you sitting right now?
In the comfort of my own home

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